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Hey, I’m Tami ‘The Crystal Diva’ of the Silver Web team. My role is to sprinkle shimmering sparkly crystal energy one person at a time.

I will help you to realise, where you are on your journey and how you move forward. Booking a session with me, you are investing in yourself, you are saying ‘I’m worth it’ ‘I matter’ and ‘I want more’

I will help you realise your dreams, put power behind your goals and help you set intentions. I will support you by reading your energy, reminding you how great you truly are. Sessions of Crystal Chakra Balancing, Colour Reiki, Usui, Karuna or Angelic Reiki can all be tailored to suit your needs, mixed and matched like a pic and mix for the soul.



Crystals & You

I love working with the energy of crystals, I really do. I try not to be amazed every time they work their magic. Personally I enjoy the flexibility of using crystals, from balancing your Chakras to charging the energy in a room, wearing them as jewellery form to tucking them in your bra! (Or carrying them in your pockets, bags and coats)

Crystals have been found in tombs dating back some 7000 years. Used throughout history for their properties, as amulets, spiritual and psychic tools and in medicine bags. They work with the vibrational electromagnetic field of the human body. If there are any imbalances within the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies, crystals can help address these imbalances.


 A rough rainbow fluorite chunk


I use crystals to cleanse, balance and re-organise the body’s energy field. They can promote deep relaxation, aid and alleviate some ailments such as stress and help us release attitudes and habits that no longer serve us. 

Allow up to an hour and a half to bliss out with the crystals, £30.

If you would like to know more about a session of Crystal Chakra Balancing, please get in touch with me @ Tami Stokoe - Holistic Therapies, 07511565166 to discuss how crystals can help you or to book a session.

Crystal Blessings





Reiki & You

Why Reiki? Reiki uses energy to balance the mind, body and soul. Working on the different energetic bodies, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I find clients use Reiki to relax and strengthen their wellbeing, reduce pain, anxiety and fatigue or to use reiki to support recovery after injury or surgery. Either way there is no denying the deep relaxation that comes from a session of Reiki, clients often report feeling empowered because they have found solutions to an issue or found deep inner peace from a trauma that has affected them most of their life. The beauty of Reiki is that I can enhance your experience with colour, colour is an intimate part of our being. Something we take for granted. Using colour and Reiki brings about harmony and balance, the vibrations of colour can be used to either relax or stimulate you according to the colours chosen for the session. You will find in ‘The Crystal Vault’ that colour really is key to all that I offer, through crystals, silk scarves, and colour cards to mandalas.



I can tailor your Reiki session to a specific area of need or for a purpose using the traditional Usui Reiki practice, Karuna Reiki or Angelic Reiki. Mixing them up using toning or chanting and Angelic energy, the choice is yours. You can expect to receive Reiki energy from 40 minutes up to an hour per session.

Allow up to an hour and a half per session, prices as follows: Angelic Reiki £25, Usui, Karuna or Colour Reiki £30.


Workshops & You

You, Me & Them – A workshop for parents and their child/children who are affected by anxiety. This workshop aims to give your child some self-help strategies, a mini toolkit at their fingertips. Look out for events advertising the latest workshop dates.

 10 – 11am £5 per child


Crystal Kids

A series of creative classes for children aged between 5 – 12, exploring crystals and creating something to bring home, while boosting their self-esteem and bumping up their fun factor. Look out for events advertising the upcoming dates. Held on either Saturdays or Sundays 10:30 – 12:00 £10 per child



Crystal Vibes

Held on the third Monday of the month, 7 – 9pm. An evening of all things crystal. Look out for events advertising what is being covered each month.

 £5 per person



Crystal Roots

A day of self-healing on a journey back to our roots. Experience the connection of your soul and subtle bodies while working with the earth and her guardians, the Trees and Crystals. 

£45 per person



Reiki Children

Making a difference one child at a time. An amazing toolkit for your child to have at their fingertips, powering up their self-esteem, offering a sense of security and belonging. Set over four days, nine hours. Contact Tami on 07511565166 to find out when the next Reiki Children is being held.





Tami Stokoe - Holistic Therapies


Mobile – 07511565166