The Lineage Rites and Rites of the Time To Come

Now the foundation rites have been established and you are prepared and strengthened, you are now in a position to take the next step in the Munay-Ki process.


The Lineage Rites

These rites give you the opportunity to develop your connection further as you step into your role as a steward of the earth.


Rite Five - The Daykeeper's Rite

Working with the Divine Feminine you will be called to work as an Altar Keeper, reconnecting you to the feminine principles of creation, helping you to heal your own inner feminine and step beyond fear and embrace peace.


Rite Six - The Wisdomkeeper's Rite

Working with the Divine Masculine you will be called to protect the medicine teachings of the Munay-ki, to heal your inner masculine and honour the masculine within.


Rite Seven - The Earthkeeper's Rite

This rite sets your spirit free so that you may dream your world into being, connecting you deeply to the earth and helping you to become aware of your part in this world and how you can help further. This rite strengthens your connection to your guides, archangels and more.


The Rites Of The Time To Come


Rite Eight - Star Keeper's Rite

This rite anchors you and connects you to the energy of who you are becoming. You agree to become a steward of the time to come for future generations.


Rite Nine - Creator/Spirit Rite

Awakening the light within you are connected to the divine. This rite is powerful, profound and sacred. Once you begin to understand the true nature of your being it enables you to co-create your life experience to one that benefits not only yourself but all those around you. This is the final rite and enables you to pass on the Munay-ki teachings to others.



You will receive all five rites over the course of three days and be provided with manual and certification upon completion.

Upon completion of all nine rites you will be able to pass along the rites yourself.


I require a £50 non refundable deposit to secure your place. If in the event of unforeseen circumstances on my part your deposit will be refunded or used as a deposit for a future date. In the event of unforeseen circumstances on your part and you are unable to attend the deposit can be used as a deposit for a future event within 6 months of the cancelled date.

I am an experienced spiritual and holistic practitioner working in this field for over a decade. My passion is fostering self belief and self love in my one to one clients and students. We all have great potential and it is my job to help you embrace that and live the best life you can by stepping into your true being.

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