Munay-ki is the way of the heart, the way of the hearth (earth). It is the practice of becoming, moving towards the best version of yourself through self love. 

It has nine rites of initiation (nine rituals or techniques) to help you move from a life of scarcity to grace, to help you become the best version of yourself, to manifest and create the life you want and live from a place of love.

When we come from a place of love we help others to create their best life too, a life that is heart centred and earth centred. We live for the betterment of all not just the few.

Munay-Ki literally means 'I love you'. It is based around Peruvian Shamanic practices and was gifted to the west by the Laika.

Working with the aura (luminous energy field) we can create the life we want, this then informs the body of the changes we would like to make. Once we see that it can be a possibility we believe it and begin to make the changes that are necessary.

Just like in the practice of Reiki, you are encouraging yourself to live from the best version of yourself.

There are nine rites of initiation in the Munay-ki and once all are received you are able to pass them along to others yourself.

 The first three days of training focus on the first four rites - 

Foundation Rites

Keyword for these rites is - Possibility

The foundation rites help you accept what is, so that you may step in to who you truly are and manifest the life you want.

Rite One - The Healers Rite

Awakening the healer within to release old wounds from our own lives and that of our ancestral heritage.

Rite Two - The Bands of Power

Embracing and working with the five elements so you can strengthen and empower yourself. Resulting in a new way of dealing with and reacting to negative experiences. You are protected.

Rite Three - The Harmony Rite

Working with the seven Andean medicine archetypes and the chakra system to assist you into being the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. Balancing and harmonising your body, energetic system and your interactions in this world.

Rite Four - Seers Rite

Awakening the inner seer and learning to live from the heart. Allowing greater clarity and knowing into the experience of and reading of energy.



Manual and certification upon completion.