Usui Reiki Training 

Reiki is my passion, I love the fact that there is a tool, or way of life really, that can bring so much love, support and balance into your life and it is available to everyone. 

You don't have to follow the Reiki path just to go into the Holistic Therapies business but rather because you want to help yourself. 

Reiki awakens us up to the fact that we are all beautiful and that we are all worthy of self love. When we give ourselves the space to grow, that is when the magic truly begins to happen.

I am an experienced Usui Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, energy worker and teacher of spiritual practices and have been for many years. Each course is kept small to insure a friendly, relaxed learning environment to promote exploration of the self and learning tailored around the individual's needs. The days will run from 10am until 4pm approx but please allow for run over if the need arises, timings will be stuck to where possible.


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Please contact me to find out dates, how to book your place and pay your £50 non refundable deposit.

*Deposits are non refundable, if you are unable to attend, we can defer your deposit for a later date. Deposits will only be refunded if I have to cancel for an unforeseen event and cannot arrange a new date.

Usui Reiki Level One

Over this three-day course you will learn the history of Reiki and the importance of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and their teachings. 

You will learn how to be Reiki, to give to yourself, friends and family, how to deepen your connection to yourself and develop spiritually.

Reiki is a personal journey not just a holistic therapy, through this course you will learn the importance of self love and care with self healing practices.

The three days will involve meditation, practical, theory, self work, partnered work and attunement.

Upon completion you will receive certification and a fully comprehensive manual.

Cost of training £200

Usui Reiki Practitioner Training

Over this three-day course you will take a deeper look into Usui, his teachings, techniques and how to use them for your own wellbeing as well as in a Reiki session for clients, friends and family. 

We will look into symbols and mantras as a focus, experience the attunement process and work on distance healing.

You will travel further into self healing and we will discuss, put into practice and bust the myths and fears of becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

The three days will also involve spiritual practices, theory, practical, self discovery, self healing, case studies, plus partner and group work.

The cost of training is £300

The course comes with full certification and a comprehensive manual upon completion for which you are then insurable as a Reiki Practitioner.

Usui Reiki Facilitator Training

Over the course of the three days training we will look into the responsibilities of a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. You will learn how to utilise all of your knowledge and skills and continue your self-healing journey.

You will receive your final Attunement, learn the attunement and empowerment process, learn how to deliver a Reiki course and receive help and advice on creating your own manuals. 

The three days will involve practical, theory, spiritual practices, discussion, self discovery, self healing, meditation, case studies and partner work.

The cost of training is £300


This course comes with full certification and a comprehensive manual upon completion for which you are insurable as a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher.