Crystal Roots

Experience a journey of connection to your soul and subtle bodies while working with the Earth and her guardians the Trees and Crystals. Come on a day of discovery, feel the power of crystals through mandalas and nets, work with the wisdom of the trees through essence, mantra and meditation.

This day is a self healing journey back to our roots. Experience an acceptance and release of what no longer serves you with the help of the Earth and her guardians.

Reconnect to source and the creative force within. Awaken once again to the call of Mother Earth.

On the day you will:

- Learn about the qualities and spirit medicine of the particular tree we will be working with.

- Learn how to work with the set of crystals for this tree.

- Learn and experience the benefits of crystal nets and 


- Work directly with the tree essence.

- Re-balance with colour and mantra.

- And create crystal chakra mandalas


The cost of this wonderful day is £60

A £25 deposit is needed to secure your place, payable by bank transfer. 


Crystal Roots is a wonderful collaboration with Tami Stokoe Holistic Therapies, the Web's crystal lady & Jody of Healix Therapies, the Web's essence lady.


*Deposits are non refundable if you are unable to attend. Deposits will only be refunded if we have to cancel for an unforeseen event and we can not arrange a new date.

 Contact us to find out more This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.