Back Massage or Local Massage

This therapeutic massage treatment is beneficial for those suffering from localized pain or tightness in the back area such as lumber or cervical spondylitis, lumbago, frozen shoulder, disc prolapse, lumber stenosis etc. Medicated herbal Ayurvedic oils are used during the treatment that promote tissue healing and relieve pain and tension.  The treatment is usually followed by Ayurvedic steam therapy that help enhance the results.

Indian Head Massage

This involves head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage with Ayurvedic medicated herbal oil which nourishes the scalp, relax the mind and to release tension in the head, neck and upper back area. Siro Abhyanga helps alleviate anxiety/stress or minor mental health problems, promotes good sleep, it has an overall effect on the central nervous system and helps with chronic headache disorders such as cluster headaches, migraine etc.


Kalari Masters