Reiki with Jody

Reiki relaxes the mind so the body can follow. From there the changes begin. If the mind can let go of its worries for even a little amount of time and relax, the body can get back into balance bringing with it a deep sense of calm; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, to the whole of your being, allowing you to move forward more positively in your life. 

I offer Usui Reiki, Colour Reiki and Drum Reiki and will speak to you upon booking to offer the best Reiki practice to suit your needs.

In a Reiki session you can expect to receive between 40 minutes to 1 hour of Reiki, laying comfortably on a therapy couch (or seated depending on preference), covered in soft blankets, gentle music playing in the background while you relax and the practitioner works.

You'll leave feeling relaxed, de-stressed, revitalised and balanced.


Please allow up to 1hr 1/2 for appointment

Follow up appointments may be appropriate

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Tel - 07413613285


Usui Reiki

Originally developed in the 1920's, by Mikao Usui as a spiritual practice for the self, it soon became a hands on/off energy technique that could be used to help others also.

Usui Reiki is wonderful at helping you relax so that your body, mind, emotions and spirit can come back into balance before the pain or trauma, that occurred to the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical self, set in.

Reiki, Mantra & Drum

Using my experience as a trained Drum Reiki Practitioner & Usui Reiki Practitioner I combine drum and mantra into a Reiki session. This unique blend of sound and Reiki will uplift, revitalise and recharge the spirit. 


Colour Reiki

Colour Reiki is a wonderfully uplifting holistic therapy that immerses you in a world of colour. Combining colour therapy and Usui Reiki to bring about balance within.

Colour will be used in a variety of ways from soft silks, crystals, colour essences, visualisation and light.


Past Life Reiki

Are you holding on to fears, vows and more and can't seem to move past the issue?

Perhaps it stems from a Past Life.

PL Reiki can help shift the blocks and more, helping you move forward in this life by using the journeying method so that you can visit the source of the issue and resolve it or the emotional freedom method that allows you to find the source of a fear and diminish its hold on you.

Our soul keeps a record of all the life times we have lived previously, bringing with us gifts from before. Sometimes we bring pain (emotional, mental, physical or spiritual), sometimes we keep repeating a worn out pattern.

Past Life Reiki combines Usui Reiki and an intuitive approach that helps me unlock the patterns, wounding and gifts hidden within.

Come relax and take a journey with me and learn about the lives you have lived before.


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Tel - 07413613285